The Advantages of Buying Molds in China

Companies that are involved in the manufacturing of moulds are equipped with advanced machineries such as famous Italian milling machines , but als EDM machinery. They also have experienced technical teams with applications on CAS / CAD / CAE / CAM / CAQ systems in design and manufacturing. Chinese Molding companies are established with a good reputation and in good ties with Volkswagen, Audi, Sony, Mazda and other foreign customers from Brazil, Canada, Israel, the Middle East, and Singapore among others.

All types of moulds are available in China. They are: auto and motor parts moulds, electrical appliance moulds, commodity moulds, double color moulds, SMC / BMC / FRP moulds and industrial moulds. Injection mould tooling can be purchased at low prices at manufacturers in China. Interested parties aiming to cut tooling costs can contact certain companies in the country. Countries from the West are hesitant to do business in China due to quality, lead times, reliability, and language barriers. These are the concerns of companies in the United Kingdom about the prospect of procuring injection mould tools.

Injection mould tooling can be fabricated in China for 40 to 50% cheaper than in the United Kingdom. Companies in need of these products still opt to buy in China for the great cost discrepancies that are apparent advantages. Chinese injection mould tooling manufacturers produce top quality products adhering to ISO: 9001 standards. Concerns on lead times and reliability are guaranteed as they have project engineers who speak English to each injection tool project. For the customers update and peace of mind, extensive weekly progress reports are provided.

Chinese mould manufacturers, like our company are now customer oriented and are determined to implement their corporate missions. They now give utmost of the customers’ request to the last detail. They go the extra mile to satisfy the customers’ needs with quality and sincere services.

These are some of the major reasons why buying your moulds from China is really worth your money.

Roger has spent since 2000 in the plastics industry designing ,engineering and  managing custom made molding operations in the western world aswell as overseeing molds being made in China. Today, he's director and business development manager for Triple-c and manufacturers many moulds  in China.